Wait… Volcano’s need supplies? Set Link: http://brickset.com/sets/60123-1/Volcano-Supply-Helicopter Nerd³ Site: http://nerdcubed.co.uk Nerd³ Patreon: …



  1. Get some rock raider sets. Those were the best ones. (plus the game is fantastic so yeah. If you ever manage to get it to work on modern hardware you should play it)

  2. I like how £40 for this set is a "good price". It seems a bit expensive to me, but I guess for LEGO that's pretty cheap considering the sets in his background are several hundred pounds each. >_<

  3. It's not illegal to destroy a lego American flag… then again you're English so I don't think it matters in this country anyway…

    and one of the most infamous diamonds was blue. The Hope, it's said that everyone who owned it for a certain length of time died mysteriously.

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