I count down what I feel are the top 10 best LEGO Marvel sets released under the LEGO Super Heroes line. These span the various LEGO Marvel subthemes in …



  1. Dude I love the quinjet considering the play feature and that its the only quin jet I have I'm not trying to say this in a mean tone just saying this is the only way I got the quinjet

  2. Original Quinjet was better. Captured the movie version perfectly. You can't criticize a set for not being colourful enough when it perfectly matched the color of the subject matter. Plus all that storage!

  3. I don't like superhero airport battle, and the quinjet is soooo small that it stinks. Giant man and the figures are the only nice parts, and those have flaws too

  4. There's this YouTuber called BrickBros UK and he used only pieces from Encounter on Jakku and Rey's Speeder to make Niima Outpost! You should check it out ( They make lots of alternative builds and multi-builds)

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